As the first rays of the morning sunrise were beginning to peak I decided to make my way down to the beach behind our spacious house. Sitting by the ocean always helped me to clear my mind, to calm and soothe any of my anxieties and I knew it would help me to feel better this morning. I debated putting on my running clothes and taking a jog down the beach or maybe putting on my swimsuit and going for a couple of laps. The water was perfect this early in the morning, the waves undulating, hypnotic while the seagulls cried overhead, searching for their morning meal. In the end I decided to do both. I could go for a jog and then cool off in the water. Pulling on my one piece and tying my hair back I pulled on some ankle socks, a tank top and some spandex knee-length jogging pants.

Ethan wasn’t in bed and I didn’t hear anything coming from downstairs so I decided he must be either in his office with the door shut or out doing his daily tasks already although I wasn’t sure what that consisted of exactly. I figured I would catch him on the way back in. Who knows, he might even surprise me with a meal. The thought surprised me and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was becoming spoiled.

Heading out the bay doors that faced the back of our home I made my way down the grassy hill our house was built on. The scent of the sea enticed me and I picked up my pace. The closer I got the more excited I became. I could hear the faint call of the seagulls crying to one another, small splashes of fish jumping and the sound of the waves undulating back and forth, one consuming the last, a beautiful dance that alswayd kept me mesmerized.

I made my way down to the shoreline and smiled appreciatively at the great expanse of turquoise water before me. It was so breathtakingly beautiful. There’s nothing like standing in front of an enormous body of water to put life into perspective, remind you how small you are, how tiny yet important your role in life is in the grand scheme of things.

I stood for a moment with my eyes closed, feeling the breeze circling around me, listening to the sounds and smelling the scents before opening my eyes and heading off in a brisk walk eastward. I figured I would do a warm up walk first and then go back west and jog until i felt the glorious burn of a workout well done. As I walked I kept my eyes peeled for seashells and hermit crabs and it surprised me that I realized I was doing this. It had been years since I had gone hunting for seashells and hermit crabs despite having lived off the ocean for many years now. I made the decision to make this a more frequent habit.

As I began jogging off down the beach I felt the stress once again melt away. I was able to assess not only my situation with Lily more clearly but also the situation I was possibly imagining with Ethan. Surely he was only reflecting my own crazy emotions right now. Maybe my anxiety was making him anxious as well. I decided to not think about his mysterious phone call for another moment and simply enjoy our day together.

The run turned out to be just what I needed. My muscles burned in the wonderful way that only a run could make them burn. The salt air made the sand stick to my skin and the humidity flattened my hair to my face and forehead. There was sand in my shoes that were becoming heavy with the water I had been trekking through but I didn’t care. It felt amazing to run. I felt so alive.

Written in response to The Daily Post.


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