Leaving Room

I lay in the bathtub until the water grew lukewarm, thinking of Annabella and her reemergence into my life. I had no clue where to go from here. I had dreamt for so many years of being reunited with her, I had seen so many reunion episodes on television of adoptees with their birth families and they had always seemed joyous but I had also read plenty of horror stories on the Internet of how those relationships often dissipated not long after. Usually one or both parties felt it was too awkward to begin a new relationship and usually the birth mother felt a tremendous amount of guilt that led her to believe she was unworthy of a fresh start with her child, it ultimately drove her away, causing her to abandon her child once again. Was I really prepared for that?

While my thoughts ran cold, so did the bath water and while I would’ve loved to lay in the tub, surrounded by the petals, for much longer, I wasn’t prepared to catch a cold over it. Standing, I let the water out and plucked my fleece bathrobe off its hook next to the tub. Stepping onto the shaggy, memory foam bath mat, I wrapped myself and tied the string around my waist. I hated to leave this beautiful haven Evan had created for me, I had felt such a sense of peace take me over while I was laying in the beautiful water, but I needed some company.

Back downstairs I went, warm air sliding over me as I entered the family room to my right. Evan had lit the massive marble fireplace and dimmed the lights. The fiery glow illuminated the room, making it more inviting then I had seen it in quite awhile. It gave me a sense of peace to see the glow in the room.

To my left was the dining area where he had laid out a wonderful meal. A hearty, Beef Wellington with colorful vegetables and salad, a soup as well and when I got closer I saw that it was potato soup, my favorite. There was more wine and candles set out on the table along with more rose petals sprinkling the tabletop in not only red but pink and white as well. All of the sights and smells were amazing, like nothing I had ever experienced before.

“Madam, your table.”

The sound of Evan’s voice so close behind me startled me, I had been lost in my admiration of the gorgeous scene he had prepared. And the food wasn’t the only handsome sight. He was dressed in a cream colored sweater, dark jeans and his dark brown boots, an outfit I had always loved seeing him in but hardly had the chance to. His luscious, wavy brown hair brushed against the collar of his sweater, the candlelight brought out the auburn highlights as well as the hazel in his eyes.

I couldn’t help but to giggle as he pulled my chair out for me and then held out a hand for me take as I slid into my seat.

“Evan, this is too much. You didn’t have to do this. I would’ve been content just to eat pretty much anything.”

“I could’ve made ‘pretty much anything’ for anyone else but you’re not just anyone.”

His words made my heart flutter and I was thankful the lights were low enough that he couldn’t see me blush. After these long years together he still had the ability to make my heart skip a beat, I wasn’t used to it. After so many broken relationships and heartbreaks, his love and dedication over the years had made me more viable. It was the best love I had ever received. While I tried not to think about her, especially not during such a perfect moment as this, I couldn’t help but wonder if my relationship with my mother could also ever be viable. Could we put the past behind us and grow to know each other? Just as quickly as the thought entered my mind, I pushed it away. This night belonged to Evan and I and I was going to bask in this moment.

Written in response to the Daily Post.


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