The mattress sank in as I plopped down on the edge, untying the laces to my work sneakers and kicking them off. I flexed my toes and sighed. Everything hurt. Between working long shifts lately at the hardware store and the meeting with my mother I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

My pillows and warm comforter called to me and there was nothing I wanted more than to sink down into their cushiony softness and close my eyes for the next six hours or so, forget the uncomfortable meeting earlier today, alas, I had plans tonight. Evan had texted me earlier in the day and asked me to meet him downtown in front of the New Cinemark theater when I was ready. I was exhausted but had no intention of cancelling tonight. With a job and a couple of kids, it wasn’t often that we were able to find some time to spend together, just the two of us. We were lucky that Annabella had agreed to watch them tonight. She was a busy adult, just like us, but I knew she felt as though I needed the time with Evan, especially after today.

I decided to take a quick shower before I left for the theater. Stripping off my clothes as I walked, I crossed the spacious bedroom to our bathroom, gasping when I opened the door. It was the room furthest from the large bay windows in the bedroom so the sunlight didn’t hit it which worked perfectly for the dozens and dozens of candles that illuminated the space.

I looked around in awe and breathed in the luscious scent of Crisp Fall Night, my newest favorite Yankee Candle. Walking further into the bathroom I saw that the tub had been filled with bubbles and red and pink rose petals and sitting on the edge, I stuck my hand into the steaming, on the verge of scalding water. I wondered if Annabella had called him and told him about our talk earlier.

Horizontally across the tub was a bath table tray with a glass of wine and an open book on the surface. I skimmed the words and smiled. It was The Handmaid’s Tale, the book I had told Evan that I had recently started reading but hadn’t had the time to get into. Next to the book was a glass of wine, something light colored, although what I had no idea yet.

Sticking one foot into the water I sighed and then moaned softly as I slid the rest of the way into the tub. It was absolutely delectable. Perfect.

I thought about reading a bit of my book but instead I sipped the wine until it was gone and closed my eyes. I’m not sure how long I laid there for but I awoke to a hand brushing a few wisps of hair off my face. I looked up to see Evan smiling at me, an Oriental Water Lily in his hand, my favorite flower.

“I figured you would be tired after a long day at work so I thought maybe I would bring the movie, as well as dinner, to you.

His hazel eyes shown brightly from the candles and his fingertips trailed from my jaw to my neck. His half-smile melted my insides as did his gentle lips as they touched mine. I was excited to see what the rest of the night brought. I was excited to leave the afternoon and all of the stress behind for now.

Written in response to The Daily Post.


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