FFfAW: Blind Truth


Photo provided by Enisa. Thank you Enisa for the photo prompt!

“I’m telling you, Dr. Harriet Glass isn’t who she says she is!”

“You’re obsessed,” Caleb hissed back.

“Then why was she looking in my purse when I came back into the exam room?”

“Maybe she accidentally dropped something!”

Suddenly letting out a shrill scream, I stumbled into Caleb.

A mannequin head stared back at me, a pair of stylish frames on its blank face. Did Dr. Glass wear contacts? She always wore these exact frames that were before me now.

Then I remembered. At the beginning of our appointment, Dr. Glass had been blinking rapidly, and then she had laughed sheepishly.

“New Year, new me. Contacts.”

I remembered her one eye closed when I reentered the room and found her looking in my purse.

I slapped a hand to my forehead.

“Contacts. She lost a contact. Abort mission.”

(149 words)

Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s 100-150 word challenge based on the photo prompt provided. 

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